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Divorce Modification

The ending of a relationship does not mean the end of a family. The big “D” does not absolve you from continuing your responsibility as a parent. In fact, it challenges your role even more. The best way to take care of your children after divorce is to continue to be there for them as…

It happens very often to divorced parents where their changed circumstances require a post-divorce modification. If you need more child support or if you are a non-custodial parent who is currently unemployed, you may need to modify your divorce agreement. Consult a Salt Lake City divorce modification attorney about the possibility of obtaining a modification…

Divorce is a long and strenuous process and signing that finalized divorce paper can feel like a giant weight has been lifted. For some, however, that signature does not mark the end of the uphill battle. Some couples have much more complicated situations that include spousal support, child custody, and child support. After a divorce…

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