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What Records Should Be Kept In Relation To Alimony In Utah?
Alimony can be a significant facet of a Utah divorce. The specific circumstances of a couple will dictate whether a court makes it part of a settlement. If it is, accurate records can help every party involved if anything happens within the agreement.
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Though it is not as common as it once was, many people in Utah pay spousal support to their former spouse after divorcing. The reasons for doing so are typically because one spouse made a significantly higher income than the other or because one spouse did not work in order to care for children or maintain a home. Documentation that makes a record of alimony can be important both for the recipient and the payer, should a conflict ever arise. Because alimony is tax-deductible for those who pay it, and taxable … READ MORE

When a person has been abused by someone he or she loves and trusts, it may take a great deal of effort to speak out. Often, victims are groomed by the perpetrators to believe that they deserved the abusive behavior. When he or she finally faces that person in court, it can be an intimidating event. There are guidelines that may be helpful to Utah residents who have experienced domestic violence at the hands of someone they care for that may offer them peace of mind. Contacting any witnesses who may have … READ MORE

It’s not only unfair to hide marital assets in a divorce; it’s illegal. But not everyone plays by the rules of fair property division, and not everyone is aware that they’ve been cheated until after the fact. In Utah divorces , marital property is supposed to be divided fairly and equitably, and that goes for houses, cars, retirement accounts, stock options and any other asset that was acquired during the course of a marriage. Unfortunately, though, some people try to pull the wool over their spouses’ eyes and keep marital property out … READ MORE

In previous decades, the family home was usually the largest asset to be considered for property division in divorce. But with the rise in divorce among baby boomers, retirement accounts with significant assets can even exceed the value of the home. This makes dividing pension plans and retirement accounts all the more important. In Utah, the division of marital property is meant to be fair and equitable, which does not mean that property will necessarily be divided straight down the middle. When splitting a pension or 401(k) plan, certain procedures have to be reviewed, … READ MORE

Divorces are unpleasant. Couples who once loved each other and promised to stand by each other through thick and thin suddenly find themselves fighting over the kids, their property and everything else. The story is the same for families in Utah as it is for families across the country – traditional divorce through the courts is a messy, heartbreaking event. A new form of working toward divorce is gaining popularity in the legal field. Termed “collaborative divorce,” the new process involves a separating couple working together in a mutually beneficial, … READ MORE

Utah basketball fans with child support concerns may be interested in a recent headline-grabbing case involving NBA star Steve Nash. The Laker point guard, who is expected to make about $19 million over the course of the next two seasons, has said he is concerned about high child support payments spoiling his three kids. His ex-wife Alejandra disagrees, however. She is seeking a child support modification to increase Steve’s payments. Initially, a trial judge dismissed the mother’s modification request, but an appeals court recently ruled that the trial judge has to … READ MORE

Parents in Utah may be interested in a recent study regarding parent-child relationships after divorce. Researchers looked at the responses from 7,335 survey participants — their average age was 24 — and determined that if parents divorce before their children are 5 years old, the kids when they grow up, are more likely to feel their relationship with their parents is insecure. People who were older than 5 years old at the time of the divorce reported having a more secure relationship with their parents. Of the survey participants, about a … READ MORE

One aspect of our Salt Lake City law practice is to help people who are in abusive relationships. These situations should be taken very seriously, as too often they spiral out of control and lead to unspeakable consequences. Fear is a powerful emotion in the midst of domestic abuse, and you should heed your fear if you believe your spouse or partner is a threat to you or your children. Keep in mind that there are legal means of protecting yourself and your kids, and filing for a protective order is one way of keeping … READ MORE

Every divorce has different circumstances, but the emotional toll of the process is something that will be felt by everyone. This can lead to tempers flaring, angry outbursts, feeling lost, depression or any number of strong feelings that may cloud your ability to keep a level head throughout the long and arduous litigation. It is very important that you don’t let raw emotion lead you into doing something rash that may hurt your side in court, and here are a few things to remember about keeping your composure at the toughest … READ MORE

Utah’s Department of Health reports that approximately 32 percent of homicides in the state were connected to domestic abuse in 2011. More than 3,400 women, men and children sought protection in shelters to flee abusive environments. Instances and threats of domestic abuse must be taken seriously. Help is available for those who find themselves in these situations. One legal remedy is to request a protective order. Utah Protective Order Basics Utah state law allows domestic abuse victims to file for protection with a Request for a Protective Order. A protective … READ MORE