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Can An Ex Get Alimony To Cover Cost Of Freezing Eggs? - Emy A. Cordano
Read more on Alimony and possibilities of getting alimony by your ex as a covering of broken dreams of freezing eggs.
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There are many considerations made when calculating alimony in Utah . The court may consider factors such as the earning ability of each spouse, the financial needs of each party and the length of the marriage; but what about the cost of broken dreams? Can a court put a price tag on something like a failure to have children during marriage? And if they could, should an ex-spouse be reimbursed for the lost shot at parenthood? That is what one lawyer is trying to find out. He is representing a woman who, at the … READ MORE

For many couples, divorce is not just an overnight decision. Rarely does someone just wake up one morning and decide that they are going to file papers. A lot of couples may even opt for a trial separation. In some cases, they may not even intend to get remarried so it just seems easier to stay living apart without formally dividing their assets. While it might seem easier, separating without a formal agreement can leave both spouses unprotected. Whether a couple chooses a legal separation or a formal divorce, setting … READ MORE

In almost every marriage, couples fight. Even happy couples have disputes from time to time. Sometimes, though, these arguments get out of hand and turn physical. Physical abuse between husbands and wives is never acceptable in Utah. Domestic violence is serious and protections are available for those living in fear of physical or emotional abuse. According the Ogden, Utah Police Department and local women’s shelters, incidents of domestic violence seem to be increasing. They say more education and further prevention methods are necessary to stop this increase. Last year, the … READ MORE

Many readers in Salt Lake City probably feel as though actor Charlie Sheen has little in common with them. In many ways, that assessment is likely true. However, Sheen and his ex-wife, Brooke Muller, have been locked in a family law dispute that may seem familiar to a number of people. The former couple recently reached a new child support agreement, which is set against the backdrop of an ongoing custody struggle for their twin children. Sheen sought to have his child support payments reduced, and his ex-wife objected. The … READ MORE

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers recently performed a survey of their members regarding prenuptial agreements . The survey uncovered two interesting pieces of information: 63 percent of respondents said that they saw an increase in prenuptial agreements in their casework over the last three years. 46 percent of respondents said they noticed more women requesting a prenup. The survey provides some very interesting information regarding the way people are thinking as they enter marriage. It used to be that prenuptial agreements were considered taboo; that even considering one was a harbinger … READ MORE

Whether it is a child’s first choir concert or a senior’s last high school football game, feelings of nervousness and excitement fill the air. Kids are anxious to show their stuff and often love being cheered on by their parents from the audience or stands. While children feel an array of emotions during these events, divorced parents may understandably be in the same boat, but for much different reasons. These kinds of events often force exes to join together in order to support their child . This can obviously be difficult if the … READ MORE

Maybe you love the house you’ve shared with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, or maybe it’s haunted with painful memories, or maybe the mortgage and general upkeep are things you’re happy to leave behind. In any case, Utah spouses who are going through divorce will want to weigh their options carefully in matters of property division . For example, sometimes spouses agree that selling the home they shared is a good way of making a clean break. In this case, it is still important to take into account certain costs associated with the sale, such as working … READ MORE

In Utah, couples seeking a divorce are required to complete an orientation course, as many of our readers know. The purpose of the education course is to help parents understand the divorce process and its alternatives. Topics covered in the course include strengthening a marriage, resolving child custody and support issues outside of litigation, the consequences of divorce, and alternative processes for working out disagreements in divorce. While many see the requirement as just a hoop to jump through, one which will have little effect on most of its participants, … READ MORE

Becoming a stay-at-home parent is a big decision, not only because it means giving up income, but also because it means giving up actively building experience in the work world. Leaving the workforce may be a good decision for children and for a family, but it can have unintended consequences for the spouses who chooses to do so if the marriage comes to an end. A spouse who has been out of the workplace for a significant amount of time and who has low earning capacity typically receives compensation in … READ MORE

Utah, like most states in the nation, subscribes to the principle of equitable distribution in dividing marital assets . Equitable distribution, rather than dividing marital assets 50/50, attempts to divide them in a way that is fair and just given the circumstances. Various factors are taken into account when determining what constitutes an equitable distribution of marital property, including the length of the marriage, the financial resources of each spouse, the contributions of each to the marriage, and each spouse’s earning potential after the divorce . Dividing liquid assets is relatively easy compared to … READ MORE