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How To Construct An Effective Parenting Plan | Emy A. Cordano
A parenting plan is not meant to express your marital problems or your ex’s faults, Salt Lake City divorce attorney Emy A. Cordano brings nearly two decades of experience helping clients achieve their goals.
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Divorce is never easy. It becomes even more complicated when children are involved. Because no two families are alike, it can be challenging to construct an effective parenting plan that can fit needs of both parents and the children. To get the best results it is vital to seek representation from an experienced and knowledgeable Salt Lake City divorce attorney . Here is a general template on how to create a parenting plan. Keep it Simple and Concise One of the most important factors when creating a parenting plan is to make sure each parent … READ MORE

Online romance has become very common these days. Each year more people connect via social media and dating platforms. It’s important to use caution when engaging in a conversation with an individual online. The sound advice of a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer together with some dating safety tips may come in handy when being exposed to the unpredictable World Wide Web. Avoid providing contact information Although the online experience is often enhanced by what you share, you should limit sharing personal information. Sharing on multiple platforms can make you feel like a celebrity but … READ MORE

Sooner or later, every couple in Utah will go through difficult times. Even the most happy marriages will have their share of conflicts. At some point, husbands and wives will come to a crossroads in their relationship where they will have to make a very difficult decision that can change their lives forever. Should I file for divorce? The answer is not always simple. One of the best ways to determine whether a marriage is salvageable is for both parties to participate in divorce mediation. Under Utah law, couples filing … READ MORE

It’s one of the most confusing statistics concerning divorce. According to figures provided by the U.S. Census, Utah has one of the highest divorce rates in the nation. Yet, the state’s men and women are among the least likely to get divorce. How does this happen? It’s simple. More people throughout the state are getting remarried. But they are not just getting married again. They are tying the knot for a second or third time at a remarkably fast rate. When it comes to remarriage, practice makes perfect. It turns … READ MORE

How is Alimony Determined in Utah? Divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City get all types of questions from their clients. Among the most common is how Utah courts calculate alimony. It may seem like an easy question. But the answers are not always simple. Spousal support is one of the most complex and delicate issues in family law. To explain it in simple terms, it basically comes down two major factors–time and need. First, it is important to understand the concept of alimony and why it exists. Alimony is a legal … READ MORE

Valentine’s Day has arrived. The last thing on the minds of most couples is signing a prenuptial agreement. It may not be the most romantic thing to discuss But if you are entering into marriage, it is an important subject that needs to be addressed. There was a time when prenuptial agreements were only for the wealthy. But if you own any kind of property or significant assets, it is important to protect your financial interests. Not matter how strong bond a bond you may have with your fiance, there is no … READ MORE

Does Your Divorce Attorney Protect Father’s Rights? Being a dad isn’t easy. There are many pressures to balance a family and professional life. It can be especially difficult when you are a divorced dad. When it comes to divorce, many fathers believe the law does not provide fair treatment. One of the challenges for Salt Lake City divorce attorneys is to ensure each client is treated fairly in a court of law. While ensuring a level playing field in the courtroom is not always easy, it can often come down … READ MORE

When it comes to divorce in Utah, there is good news and bad news. The good news is the state ranks near the bottom of the nation in divorce rates. The bad news is divorce costs are still staggeringly high. Each year, there are nearly 10,000 divorces in Utah. If you do the math, it comes out to whopping $200 million in tax revenues spent on dealing with its various issues. To help reduce the number of divorces, state senators in Salt Lake City are now proposing a new bill … READ MORE

It is often said that marriage is about give and take. Ironically, the same can be said about divorce–especially if you share joint custody with a former spouse. Utah courts traditionally favor having both parents involved in the upbringing of their children. Although it is usually best to have both parents present in the lives of their children, not every situation is the same.  In the end, the court will ultimately decide what is in the best interest of the child. In recent years, joint custody has become an increasingly popular post-divorce … READ MORE

The decision to file for divorce does not happen overnight. The journey from marital bliss to divorce is often a long and downward spiral. Once trust has been fractured, it can be difficult to regain. But not every marriage is the same. Each relationship has its own unique set of dynamics and chemistry. When it comes time to decide whether it is best to stay or end a marriage, there are no easy answers. What may be a good solution for one couple may be completely ineffective for another. But … READ MORE