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Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights In Utah?
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We know that the issues of separation and divorce can be incredibly difficult on entire families. This includes grandparents who may feel like they have been left out. We want you to know that grandparents also have rights in Utah when it comes to visitation. You can count on Emy A. Cordano when you need help with any issues relating to divorce in Utah. When you need a Salt Lake City family law lawyer , she will be by your side, working to ensure you are treated fairly. Why This Matters In many families, grandparents are … READ MORE

The state of Utah does not recognize so-called “common-law” marriages. However, Utah allows individuals, couples or even third parties to petition the court to recognize a relationship as a marriage, even absent a traditional marriage ceremony. The court can approve or deny the petition at its discretion. Once the court issues its decree, then the relationship is formally recognized as a marriage. There are several reasons that you might have for wishing to have your relationship legally recognized in the state of Utah. You may have split up and are … READ MORE

Money—you’ve always heard that it makes the world go around. You may have also heard that it’s the root of all evil. But now experts are telling us that money may have a lot to do with your chance of going through a divorce. Apparently, the more a couple makes, the more trouble begins to brew between them—and the higher their likelihood of calling it quits for good. This seems to be supported by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, or AAML, an organization that claims that the number of … READ MORE

Just as same-sex couples can marry in Utah, they can also get divorced. Utah legalized same-sex marriage nearly two years prior to the SCOTUS ruling that made same-sex marriage legal in all states. Divorce is seldom pleasant, but it is a necessary process when a marriage doesn’t work out. Same-sex couples are afforded the same considerations for divorce as traditional couples, and they face many of the same issues during the divorce process. If you are considering divorce or have been served with a petition to dissolve your marriage, our … READ MORE

Parents who have had their Utah custody orders entered into a court of law \ do not have the right to withhold parenting time from the noncustodial parent. Both parents must obey the order of the court. Even if child support is not being paid or being paid irregularly, custodial parents do not have the right to withhold parenting time. Likewise, a parent may not withhold child support payments because they are being denied parenting time. Sharing custody is never an easy process. If you are facing custody issues in … READ MORE

Sharing custody is hard for parents but being shared can be even more difficult for kids. Children of separated or divorced parents often walk away feeling like they have no say in where they live and who they live with. In Utah, the preference of the child is taken into consideration in cases where it is left up to a judge to decide on custody—but only once they reach a certain level of maturity. To say that there are a lot of big emotions swirling around any custody proceeding is … READ MORE

Spring break for divorced or separated couples can pose a unique set of questions and potential obstacles to the ordinary harmony of child custody. Who will get the kids during their time off from school? Details regarding spring break are sometimes hammered out during divorce negotiations, but all too often these issues are not appropriately addressed, leaving the arrangements for spring (and fall) break up in the air. In this instance, it is a best practice to always discuss custody during these typical extended breaks well beforehand to come to … READ MORE

It is not unusual for a parent to discover that the estranged father or mother of their children who is paying them child support is now in a better position financially than when the original child support order in their case was entered. In this case, a petition (or in some instances, a motion) to modify child support can be entered. This petition allows you to ask the court to revisit the child support calculations it previously made and modify the amount of support you receive to better reflect the … READ MORE

Recently we discussed the defamation suit that actor Johnny Depp had filed against his estranged ex-wife, Amber Heard. Now Heard has fired back with new allegations filed in court claiming that Depp, fueled by drugs and alcohol, went into domestic violence rages where he would choke, hit and head-butt her. Heard’s new allegations were detailed in a motion that seeks to dismiss the defamation lawsuit he filed against her related to an op-ed in the Washington Post. Heard, in documents filed in court on Thursday, claimed that Depp abused by … READ MORE

If you are planning on tying the knot, you may be wondering if you and your spouse-to-be should consider a pre-nuptial agreement—known in the state of Utah as a premarital agreement. The short answer is “maybe.” There are some circumstances where a premarital agreement makes sense. Prospective spouses should consider their individual financial situations when determining if a premarital agreement is right for them. What is a Premarital Agreement? A premarital agreement is a legally binding contract that a couple makes when contemplating marriage, and it spells out what will … READ MORE