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Baby Boomers and the Gray Divorce | Emy A. Cordano - Attorney at Law
If you are facing a gray divorce, contact a Salt Lake City divorce attorney, Emy Cordano will work with you to see that your financial future and best interests are protected.
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Gray divorces are divorces that take place when a couple is older than the typical divorce age range. When people get divorced after 40 or more years of marriage or they get divorced after age 50, their divorces fall into the gray divorce category. These divorces are often surprising to friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers who often why they would stay married for so long only to get divorced later in life. While the divorce rate has dropped slightly in the past few years, statistics show that the divorce … READ MORE

When children are young and still living at home, divorce can be hard on them, especially in the beginning when they are still getting used to their new life and living arrangements. How the divorce will affect the children is one reason that couples sometimes stay married longer than they should or longer that they want to be married. Salt Lake City family law attorney , Emy Cordano knows that as parents, you want to protect your children and making the decision to divorce can make you wonder if you are being selfish and putting what … READ MORE

Salt Lake City child support attorney, Emy Cordano, knows that today more than ever before, costs of healthcare are a significant factor when it comes to child support considerations. Medical care and drug costs have increased at an alarming rate and well beyond the costs of inflation over the years, leaving many people financially strapped or unable to afford healthcare. And this is why providing health insurance and paying for out of pocket costs for children in divorce and child support cases have become such a significant factor. KUTV recently reported … READ MORE

When it comes to divorce, the days of he said she said have elevated to an entirely new level thanks to the Internet and social media. Salt Lake city divorce attorney , Emy Cordano knows that the Internet often makes an already difficult divorce even more difficult because divorcing spouses have access to a wealth of information thanks to social media and other online information sites. Social media is frequently used as evidence in divorce cases, which is why our divorce experts recommend avoiding social media during divorce proceedings and if you do decide to … READ MORE

There is no easy way to break up a family. Unfortunately, when a family separates there are emotions that cannot be avoided. This is a really sad time for all who are going through the process. Sometimes anger is involved as well. Many times children will rebel against their parents at times like these because they are confused, hurt, or upset about the situation that they cannot control. In no way shape or form are we bringing this to light in order to make a parent feel guilty; instead, we … READ MORE

We know that the last thing you wanted to be going through is a divorce. It is not what people ever plan on when they get married, but there are times when permanent separation is in the best interest of all parties. However, there are multiple way people can use to go about completing their divorce. Some divorces are going to be contentious and need to be settled in the family court setting with attorneys on both sides fighting it out. Other divorces, though, can be settled in a much … READ MORE

Not all relationships look the same and many couples do not go through the traditional route of marriage. In fact, one of the reasons cited for the lower divorce rates in the US is the fact that some people, particularly millennials, are simply choosing not to get married to their partners. Many people end up with what is called a common law marriage. Now, we need to point out that officially, common law marriages are not even a thing in Utah. However, people who have been in a long-term relationship … READ MORE

It is not surprising that Utah is not only known for being the happiest state, but Utah has the largest Mormon population in the United States. This is, of course, because Utah is the center of the Mormon faith. Those who are Mormon have a firm belief in family and togetherness. In Utah, 55% of the population is a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The next state to have the most Mormon population is Idaho at 19% . The faith encourages young men and women to marry … READ MORE

Divorce Dead Ends

If divorces were easy there wouldn’t be a whole legal field dedicated to helping and protecting those while they go through them. Divorce is not unmanageable but it can turn into an emotional game of giving and take. Unfortunately, divorce may start amicable but can end up tumultuous. If you have children or multiple assets then you may be dealing with even heavier feelings that can cause even more turmoil. Even the best of couples with the best intentions deal with emotional struggles during divorce. As your Divorce Attorney, and … READ MORE

Marriage is something people in Utah take seriously. Not only is Utah the happiest state, but it is also the state with the lowest divorce rate. The two things may be linked together, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t face the challenges with their marriage. It doesn’t mean that those who are struggling to make a decision to stay together are failing. Thankfully, Utah believes in giving couples options in Family Law to navigate their relationship best; divorce isn’t your only option. If you and your partner are facing … READ MORE