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Childrearing Changes After Divorce. It Doesn’t Have To
Emy A. Cordano, an incredible Salt Lake City divorce attorney, built her career from her own exhausting divorce. After one goes through a mentally tiring divorce, emotions run in many directions, which is understandable.
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Four decades ago, women in traditional marriages were encouraged to become dependent upon their husbands for social identity and financial support. This often trickled down to children brought into the marriage, and essentially ended when husbands either left the marriage or passed away. Today, some marriages lack that sole dependency, often producing an inequality upon divorce. Childrearing, for one, becomes almost one-sided in some situations because one parent has little time because of work schedules, could be abusive or simply disinterested. It’s imperative for children to experience the emotional input … READ MORE

Bringing life into this world contractually obligates two people to care for whatever financial, medical and emotional needs their wonderful creation may need. As discussed many times before, child support isn’t an optional feature that comes with parenthood; it can’t be traded in when one gets bored with it. And, for the sake of conversation, child support doesn’t exist in the realm of child visitation. So, what are parents supposed to do when denied visitation? Financial punishment certainly isn’t the answer. Visitation rights shouldn’t be held hostage when child support … READ MORE

Child custody can be a very emotional topic, particularly as there tends to be some kind of traumatic experience making the case necessary. The most common reason for child custody being discussed and decided in the courts is divorce, but it also become a concern due to abuse, or other issues within the family. When you are dealing with such an important, and emotionally-charged, matter, it is important to choose your child custody attorney carefully – after all, you do not want to take any chances with the future wellbeing … READ MORE

According to research recently published by Child Trends researchers, around half of all children in the United States will have at least one childhood experience that may lead to future issues. The effects of these adverse childhood experiences, as detailed in The Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences, Nationally, by State, and by Race or Ethnicity” can, as the report’s name suggests, vary depending on the child’s circumstances. While you may not be able to prevent any of these experiences occurring in your children’s lives, you can make sure that you … READ MORE

It seems that divorce is never fair. In fact, divorce seems to be the most complicated and confusing thing one can go up against in his or her life. But wait until you start trying to figure out how child support is calculated in Utah… Most divorcing couples have no idea how child support is calculated in Salt Lake City or elsewhere in Utah, and this is part of the reason why they end up with the kind of child support arrangement they weren’t prepared for neither financially nor emotionally. Some … READ MORE

Getting divorced seems pretty straightforward. Or at least this was your conclusion after spending 10 minutes Googling how to get divorced in Salt Lake City.   But here’s some bad news: divorce can be much more complicated than you think. Getting divorced is not just about filing a divorce petition, dividing assets, figuring out what to do with the children (if there are any), and going separate ways. Unfortunately, that’s not how it goes. Our Salt Lake City divorce attorney Emy A. Cordano has outlined seven unexpected things about divorce no one seems to be … READ MORE

Even in this modern world, where prenups are nothing unusual and divorce is no longer a social taboo, nobody actually expects it to happen to them. When you’re planning your wedding, you think about the ceremony, the dress, and spending the rest of your life with the person you love most in the world. How could things possibly go wrong when you’re so perfect for each other? Sadly, the vast majority of marriages start in that way, but a significant proportion end in divorce. There’s a huge range of reasons … READ MORE

If you’ve realized that your marriage is coming to an end, and have started to think about the practicalities of divorce , one of your major concern is likely to be the child support payments you’ll either pay or receive, depending on whether your children will live with you or your soon-to-be ex-spouse. You may also be pondering the level of custody you plan to apply for, given the various types offered under Utah law. The four types of child custody you’ll need to compare are sole legal custody, sole physical … READ MORE

When your marriage is clearly breaking down and divorce starts to become a real possibility, it’s common for parents to worry about the potential effect on their children. After all, if the urban myths and horror stories are to be believed, children of divorce end up flunking out of high school, are more likely to wind up in jail, and probably have all kinds of emotional damage to deal with on the way. Thankfully, they’re not true in the clear majority of cases and, in fact, parents divorcing can have … READ MORE

Mediation is an amazing approach to handling a divorce; especially for parents who want to decide what’s best for their children’s future. Ending your relationship with your former spouse can be heartbreaking yet sometimes it is the right thing to do. But you still need to make major joint decisions about your kids. This can be a tough journey for many heartbroken divorcees. This is when mediation comes into the picture. With the help of a Salt Lake City mediation attorney , you will be able to communicate your legal needs and create your own … READ MORE