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How does alimony work?
Alimony is determined by the financial burden the receiving spouse has endured because of the separation. Emy A. Cordano is an expert Salt Lake City alimony attorney. Make an appointment for a legal consultation by calling for a case review at 801-804-5152.
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Everyone knows that divorce isn’t easy. Being in and out of courts, dealing with child support, and dealing with the financial burden are definitely the last things you want to be doing. You didn’t even consider how you may have to pay alimony. If your divorce was smooth sailing then courts won’t have to be involved and you and your former spouse can agree to the amount and how long it will last. Unfortunately, divorce isn’t always smooth sailing. It’s important to know what the court looks at when determining alimony. … READ MORE

It seems like yesterday you were a happily married couple. You had children together, you built a life together. It all had to come to an end and divorce became inevitable. Now divorce is even harder than you thought. You have to now go through the custody battle. Determining Your Case Sometimes it’s easy, your divorce wasn’t too messy and your former spouse and you come to an agreement on how to handle the kids. Unfortunately, that isn’t often the case. Salt Lake City child custody courts will try to come to an agreement in … READ MORE

Marriage is a wonderful thing, but when it falls apart, things can get ugly. Within weeks or months, two loving people who could not imagine their lives without one another turn into the biggest enemies who hate each other’s guts. Unfortunately, many divorces in Salt Lake City and all across Utah require months or even years of exhausting, costly, and completely avoidable legal battles over the division of property , alimony , child support , child custody, and many more issues. But couples have gotten smart, so they are signing a pre- and post-nuptial agreements to … READ MORE

In healthy families, grandparents play a pivotal role in their grandchildren’s upbringing. In some cases, grandparents love the grandchildren more than their own parents or are more fit to care for and look after the kids than their parents.   But in many cases, parents bar their own parents (and the children’s grandparents) from seeing the children. Is this practice even legal in Utah? What are your legal options if you are a grandparent who cannot see the grandchildren because your own child and/or his/her spouse restrict visits? This is … READ MORE

It’s a common misconception that it is just now that divorce has been on the rise. We have always thought that no matter what hardships were faced the older generation just sucked it up and made it work. The high number of divorces particularly in 1946 post-war America, is something that history has completely overlooked. The increase in the number of marriages post World War Two A look at US marriage rates in the 20th century shows how history influenced couples’ decisions to wed. One of the biggest factors in … READ MORE

Up until now, couples had to wait a whole ninety days from the day they filed their divorce before their divorce was granted and finalized. However, since May 8, 2018, the state of Utah has cut that period down to a third, fast-tracking all divorces. One thing to note is this new waiting period only applies to divorces filed on or after May 8th, 2018. The bill now states “30-3-18. Waiting period for hearing after filing for divorce…(1) Unless the court finds that extraordinary circumstances exist and otherwise orders, no … READ MORE

Statistics shows that women are awarded child custody in nearly 90 percent of all cases. And while a bias against men in child custody cases has been around for decades, let’s explain why this is happening from a legal perspective. We invited our Salt Lake City child custody attorney from the Emy A Cordano, Attorney At Law to join our discussion today. So why are women generally given the preference over men when awarding child custody? Why the mother is more likely to be awarded child custody? Reasons why women … READ MORE

People tend to think that courts in Utah are very strict when it comes to punishing infidelity and extra-marital affairs when it comes to property division and determining alimony in a divorce . And while unfaithfulness and adultery can play a role in the outcome of your divorce, this role is often exaggerated. The truth is that even if one of the spouses cheated, he or she can still expect the property to be divided fairly and equitably. “Equitably does not mean equally or a 50/50 split,” explains our Salt Lake … READ MORE

Calculating alimony is one of the most misunderstood and complex elements of any divorce in Utah . When determining alimony, the court will take into account several factors to analyze whether you are eligible to receive alimony, and if so, how much alimony you should be asking for. Here at the Emy A Cordano, Attorney At Law , we have recently received the following question from one of our readers: “I am getting divorced from my husband, who is a very wealthy individual. This divorce is something that is long overdue and yet I understand how getting divorced will … READ MORE

Divorce and child support are one of the most confusing areas of law in our country. Not only do these laws vary from one state to another, but also have some of the most unpredictable rules. Turns out, many divorced parents in the state of Utah believe that remarriage may affect the amount of child support the remarried parent is paying to the custodial parent. This is the question our Salt Lake City child support attorney here at the Emy A Cordano, Attorney At Law received from one of our readers in Utah: “I am planning … READ MORE