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Can You Read Through Your Ex's Emails To Gather Evidence For A Family Law Case?
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As crazy and bizarre as it may sound, but there is actually a way to read through your ex spouse’s emails to collect evidence during a divorce, child custody , or any other family law case. However, in order to lawfully access your ex’s emails and other digital private messages such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter direct messages (DMs), you and your Salt Lake City family law attorney will have to do it through legal and court-approved channels. Under Utah laws, reading through your ex’s emails – or someone else’s emails, for that matter – without obtaining that … READ MORE

It makes sense why most people think that pets are handled in divorces like children, but that is actually far from reality. In reality, for Utah family law, dogs, cats, and other pets are no different from furniture, cars, and other personal property. Fact: Americans spend over $41 billion on their pets annually, up $24 billion from the amount of money U.S. citizens spent on their pets in 1994. In 2018, there are more pets in American homes than ever. In fact, nearly two thirds (63 percent) of all American … READ MORE

All relationships and, therefore, all marriages, have their ups and downs, but does a rough patch always mean it is time to call it a day and file for divorce? While it can be tough to push through a particularly difficult time in your relationship, recent research suggests that riding out the rough patch could mean not only that you and your spouse get your relationship back on track, but potentially that you end up with an even better one. The study, which was carried out by researchers from Brigham … READ MORE

Undocumented immigrants in Utah, and elsewhere in the United States, could be forgiven for being unsettled and unsure about the security of their lives at the moment. After all, the changes in immigration law mean that deportation has become more common, and the life you have built for yourself could be at risk. This uncertainty means that already traumatic life events, such as divorce, can seem even more overwhelming. If you are trying to live below the radar and avoid attracting the attention of the authorities, how can you gain … READ MORE

When making child custody decisions, the court will always consider what is in the best interests of the child. In most situations, it will be in the child’s best interest to be exposed to both parents on a regular basis. That means that default custody arrangement will almost always be shared custody of some type. However, when one parent’s words or actions threaten the child’s safety or well-being, shared custody may not be a good option. In those cases, your Utah child custody attorney will likely argue for sole custody. Types of Sole Custody … READ MORE

As of 2016, nearly 40% of all births involved unmarried individuals. That is over 1.5 million children. Utah has far fewer unwed births than most other states— only 19% –but they still affect a large number of people. Because of the prevalence of unmarried births, it is important to consider the rights of both parents when children are born out of wedlock. While it is a good idea to speak with a Salt Lake City family law attorney about many of these issues, this post is designed to help you understand some of your … READ MORE

While you have been married, you may have noticed that your husband or wife is a little over-optimistic when it comes to spending money. Using a credit card, or taking a loan, to help pay for a major purchase is an everyday occurrence for many people across the United States but, if you are considering divorce, did you know that Utah law means you can be held liable for their debt? It’s not unusual for people to mistakenly believe that, as their spouse’s debts were run up in their own … READ MORE

A custody battle is always unpleasant, but can be even more so if it has been complicated by the legalities of the parents not being married. In legal terms, where the parents were not married, it can be difficult for the father to gain custody of the child, or even to successfully obtain visitation rights. If you are an unmarried parent attempting to legally secure access to your child, you may find that the words custody, parentage, and paternity regularly appear in the material you have been reading. The different … READ MORE

The term “paternity” means fatherhood. When a child is born to a married couple in Utah, the husband and wife are automatically legally considered the parents of the child. Both members of the couple have the same rights and obligations when it comes to the child under Utah law. However, when the child’s parents are not married, the couple needs to take extra steps to ensure that the man is legally considered the father of the child. A  family law attorney can be a great resource throughout this process. Paternity and Child Support … READ MORE

Many divorcees are not prepared to handle the challenges of divorce. Simply put, life is not a fairy tale. Once you accept this fact and all the imperfections that come along the way, you will gather your strength and become a life warrior. Nobody said it would be easy and if they do, they are probably lying. But there is comfort and guidance and you will get to the other side with the help of an experienced Salt Lake City divorce attorney . The journey has just begun! Dealing with anger It is natural to … READ MORE