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Reasons parents lose custody of their children10/13/2017

Although most laws are designed to help divorced parents maintain a healthy relationship with their children, there are times when some issues may disqualify divorcees from having legal custody of their kids. Most of these cases involve allegations related to child abuse or neglect. However, some allegations could be false statements from a contentious former spouse. If you are dealing with a child custody matter is best you contact a Salt Lake City child custody attorney to discuss your legal options. The process The process generally starts with one of the parents notifying the court about his or her concern involving a former spouse or parent of the children. Evidence must be provided otherwise the allegations of abuse are not valid. If the judge determines the behavior is a threat to the child’s safety, an investigation will take place. An investigator may take a look at the circumstances surrounding the allegations and decide whether or not the allegations are true. Child abuse This is a common reason why some parents may lose the custody of their children. The court will see if there is a history of child abuse. Some factors that help the judge determine if there was child


Everything you need to know about child support enforcement in Utah10/12/2017

Some parents avoid their responsibilities to their children. This is growing problem that impacts the financial stability of many families across Utah. When children don’t receive the expected child support payments, many aspects of their lives can be affected, including their health care, education, and extracurricular activities. The loss of financial support can have a profound impact on your children. The law requires this support and it should be honored. Ask a Salt Lake City child support attorney about how a child support order can be enforced. The Office of Recovery Services (ORS) They are responsible for enforcing child support in Utah. Parents who struggle with their finances and who are unable to provide child support as established by the court can seek assistance from the ORS. If you are a parent who is not receiving child support from your former spouse, you can also ask them for help. Some of the services the ORS provides include: Help when parents move to a different state. Taking funds from the non-custodial parent’s account and withholding income. Report missing child support. Driver’s license suspension. Deducting funds from other assets and filing liens. Take your case to court Child support is one of


Creating a successful parenting plan10/6/2017

Writing a successful parenting plan can be very useful in some difficult divorce situations. This plan will include how you and your former spouse will handle issues related to child custody. If you can agree with your ex and come up with a plan that will meet your needs and interests, your shared custody will be much easier to handle. With the help of an experienced Salt Lake City parenting plan attorney, you will be able to figure out what to include or not to include in your parenting plan. Why is a parenting plan important? Parenting plans help the court see how you and your former spouse are planning for the future care of your child. It’s best that parents come up with a good parenting plan together rather than separate as only they know what’s best for their children. Why an attorney may be necessary in some cases A Salt Lake City parenting plan attorney can get involved in helping parents create a successful parenting plan. You can also work with mediators to work on a suitable parenting plan for your family. It doesn’t matter how difficult your circumstances may be, an attorney can make the whole process


The guardianship process 10/5/2017

Sometimes grandparents and stepparents, who want to be more involved in a child’s life, wish to obtain legal guardianship. In order to obtain the legal guardianship of a child, some important papers must be filed in court with the help of a Salt Lake City guardianship lawyer. After you have filed your petition, the court will schedule interviews with the child’s parents or anyone else in charge of the children. A home inspection may also be required as well as a criminal background check. All decisions are made based on the best interests of the child. If the court determines your guardianship will benefit the children, you will be granted your petition. After the guardianship is approved, the petitioner needs to establish it. This process can be difficult without a qualified Salt Lake City guardianship lawyer by your side. Establishing guardianship Life is full of surprises. This is why you must prepare in case you can’t raise your children. Find someone you trust and establish legal guardianship. You can also write it down in your will. It’s good having two people in mind, just in case one fails. You can choose a guardian for each child. However, having more than

Benefits of joint custody9/28/2017

Co-parenting can be a rewarding experience, particularly if you are sharing custody with your ex. Your main focus should be your children rather than your ex’s whereabouts. Look on the bright side of the process and hire an experienced Salt Lake City child custody attorney to handle all the complex legal aspects of your child custody dispute. Shared parenting This means both parents get to enjoy a piece of the pie. You will share the joys and challenges of your child’s physical and emotional growth. A 50/50 child custody approach allows you the opportunity to collaborate with your ex-spouse in creating a parenting plan that meets your child’s needs. It is particularly beneficial for parents to adopt a team approach to discipline. Kids can test your boundaries but when both parents are working as a team, it will be harder for them to show disrespect. Establishing a routine Perhaps you don’t seek to share your parenting time with your ex-spouse yet you must remember that there are cases when courts may impose joint physical custody. It is important you work as a team to figure out who gets the children and how you can both manage your schedule in a


After being unhappy for quite a while, you have decided it’s time to tell your spouse you are pondering divorce. You feel your light has gone out and the only exit strategy left is parting ways. But you must first tell your spouse and that’s not always easy. Most divorce cases are initiated by women so it’s difficult, especially if there are children involved. A West Valley City divorce attorney can help you with the whole process. What should you say? What you say and how you say it are two important things you must keep in mind when telling your spouse. Although he or she will be surprised to hear the news, it’s worth trying. Pick the right place and time. Some people feel guilty about the children and may have a hard time expressing their thoughts. Remember, your spouse already knows you are unhappy and you have both wished things would get better but they don’t. The next step should be a natural part of the process. When it’s time to pour out your heart, be sensitive yet firm about your decision. Tell your spouse that the marriage can’t continue and that you have been having a hard

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