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Why Do Dads Get Less Custody?
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There is no doubting that divorce is difficult. We know that the last thing you planned on when you got married and had children was separation, but sometimes it is necessary. Utah goes to great lengths to ensure that couples stay together. They encourage pre-marital counseling, require mediation before a divorce, and have a waiting period after divorce is filed. One of the hardest parts of a divorce case is handling child custody. It has recently been found that the amount of time dads receive when it comes to custody … READ MORE

In many places around the country, there is a waiting period that must be adhered to when it comes to getting a divorce. For some places, the wait time is quite a while. In Utah, it used to be 90 days. Now, Governor Gary Herbert has signed a bill that lowers the wait time to 30 days . The effort is to make the state’s family court system more efficient, freeing up the backlog of cases. Many people like the idea of lowering the wait time, as they do not think the government should be able to tell adults that they … READ MORE

You may have seen this devastating story out of Millcreek . A woman was killed after he estranged husband broke into her apartment and beat her with a crowbar. He also beat his 13-year-old daughter, who was critically injured. A police spokesperson said that the couple was having “custodial issues” which led to the incident. The young girl was just starting her first year at a new junior high school and was described by neighbors as a “very vivacious girl.” This story highlights some very important issues. One is that domestic violence is too common … READ MORE

There is a new law in Utah that passed this month, one that provides a discount price on marriage licenses for engaged couples who participate in relationship education classes . The state, known for its desire to keep divorce rates low, hopes to strengthen marriages from their outset. There is nothing wrong with that. When you are in love and get married, the farthest thing from your mind is divorce. Unfortunately, we know it happens despite our best efforts to make things work. Whether couples are just incompatible or infidelity is involved, sometimes divorce is … READ MORE

Deciding what is best for our children is the utmost important in our lives. We want to see our children grow and prosper. We want them to feel loved, protected, and safe. If you are visiting our site then there is something that isn’t quite right. Know that you are making the right decision for you and your child by researching about how Emy A. Cardono can help you with child custody. When we have children we expect our partners to love them and guide them as much as we do. But, that … READ MORE

As children, we are brought up to enjoy the idea of first comes love then comes marriage. Marriage is meant to be hard, but when you’re with the right person it shouldn’t matter! But, sometimes working hard just isn’t enough and that the “right” person may have changed over time; you may have changed over time.  Huffington Post’s article, “ 10 Reasons People Get Married, Even Though They Know Better ” includes reasons such as “the next logical step”, a need to “grow up”, security, “fear of staying single”, etc. Even though we all want to believe that everyone marries … READ MORE

It’s not uncommon for parents to be awarded shared custody in Ogden. It’s also not uncommon for those same parents to struggle with shared custody. This is a difficult situation to get accustomed to for parents and children alike. You will be splitting time between two homes during the week, on weekends, on holidays and for vacations. There’s a lot that can go wrong, making the situation overwhelming for the children. To combat this, our Ogden child custody attorney offers the following five tips to make shared custody a success. Be Realistic with Your … READ MORE

Divorce alone is a difficult process to go through. Even after the divorce, you still have to deal with the consequences of the divorce. Now you have to pay your ex-spouse alimony. This subject may be confusing to understand if you don’t have any prior knowledge on it. It’s essential to know the qualifications for alimony. You should also know the different categories and well as when you can stop making alimony payments. Qualifications for Alimony It’s important to know that alimony is awarded typically in longer marriages where one … READ MORE

How is child custody determined overall? The state of Utah requires both parents to financially support the child(ren). They take into consideration the income of both of the parents and the number of children involved when determining child custody . Utah law establishes child support guidelines. The three factors of these guidelines are base child support, childcare expenses, and medical expenses. The court will then determine the total support obligation for the child(ren). This is shared by the parents dependent upon their income. The parent who does not receive custody has to pay … READ MORE

Anyone will tell you divorce isn’t easy. Easy and smooth divorces are usually far and few between. The whole process takes a while and after it all, you still may have to deal with your ex-spouse after the fact. The financial strain can be intense. You may even be required to pay alimony. This happens when the court determines your spouse will be put at a big disadvantage due to the divorce. Sometimes the court makes a decision that leaves you with the more financial burden. It isn’t fair. It’s essential … READ MORE