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We’re Getting A Divorce…….Later8/18/2017

The climate in Washington and uncertainty of where healthcare will end up has some couples rethinking their divorces. They are deciding to stay together to keep their current health insurance. This does not mean they are salvaging their marriage or there is any hope for a reconciliation. It simply means they are working on postnuptial agreements that outline how the finances and benefits will be distributed pending an official divorce. Other couples have chosen to finalize divorce documents but not sending them in until they know what will happen to healthcare. Previously couples could obtain a legal separation and be able to keep benefits for up to three years. However, companies no longer allow the legally separated partner to stay on employer plans. This leaves spouses with few options and this is the solution that many have come to. The Affordable Car Act Women, especially suffered the most from a divorce prior to the Affordable Care Act. They would quickly be kicked off of healthcare plans their spouses had at work and would be unable to find an affordable plan. Under Obamacare, insurers were required to provide health care plans to anyone with a pre-existing condition. By no means is


How Child Custody is Determined in Utah8/17/2017

In Utah, child custody is governed by the sections in the state’s divorce statutes, even if the parents aren’t currently married. However, it is possible for child custody to be brought as a separate case, depending on the nature of one’s case. So are you a concerned parent that needs help with getting custody of your child? Or are you and your spouse splitting up and want to have joint custody but don’t know how to go about what actions you need to take to achieve such matters? First, you will need to contact a Salt Lake City divorce attorney that will guide you every step of the way from strategy development to the resolution of your case. Knowing How to Resolve Your Issues: Having issues within a custody case is all too common. So you must be prepared to take the most effective steps in order to get the best results for your child. o Negotiation • Discussion aimed at reaching an agreement o Child Custody Mediation • Meet with mediator • Both parties will identify and prioritize all contested issues • All issues will be discussed to come to a mutually beneficial agreement • A comprehensive draft will


Divorcee Cafe- A latte and advice8/11/2017

Divorce is hard on everyone and sometimes people just need a shoulder to lean on and a little advice. The founder of Divorce Cafe, Elif Ekin, started the cafe after going through a divorce. At the time of her divorce, she was unemployed, with no family and no extra money. She felt alone and had no idea where to turn or who to ask for help. She later learned that if she had spoken to a financial analyst she would have saved over $10,000 during her divorce. This is common amongst many stays at home moms who do not realize they have rights during a divorce. They are not aware of those rights and end up losing in the end. This makes starting over harder than it has to be. The Cafe aims to inform and heal anyone struggling with their home life. Her experience inspired her to open up the cafe to help others receive divorce advice and healing through taking advantage of various services. Some services include massage therapy, legal advice, life coaching and financial advice. Of course, there is also comfort food, coffee, and soup. The services rendered are by volunteers whose only reward is knowing they


Can Divorce Make You a Better Parent? 8/10/2017

Divorce is never easy. Living on your own after years of being in a committed relationship is a huge adjustment. It can be even more challenging for those with children. It can be easy for negative thoughts to race through your mind. Will a divorce mess up my kids? Will I be a terrible single parent? Although these are all valid concerns, many people are finding that divorce improved their parenting skills. It all depends on how you choose to approach the challenge. There Is No Such Thing As an Easy Divorce Anyone who has children will quickly understand there is no such thing as an easy divorce. Children are often the biggest victims of divorce and find themselves getting caught in the middle of their parents’ squabbles. Due to the enormous distractions, even the best parent will have a difficult time. One of the positives of post-divorce life is it allows people to focus greater on their parental duties. Here are some of the reasons. Staying together for the sake of the kids: Many couples in troubled relationships opt to stay together for the sake of the children. But it often makes the situation worse. Instead of providing a

Child Custody? Fathers Have Rights Too8/4/2017

When it comes to divorce, many men believe there is a lack of respect for their parental rights. While the objective of Utah family courts is to look after the best interest of the child, it often comes at the expense of men. But not all divorce cases involving men and child custody are not the same. Some of the most complex also involve unmarried men. Issues such as establishing paternity and determining Because fathers have been historically labeled as providers rather nurturers, primary child custody is often awarded to the mother. Because men are often at a disadvantage, the choice of a Provo divorce attorney is extremely important. It can make the difference between maintaining or losing the rights to your children. Parental Rights of Unmarried Fathers There was a time when unmarried fathers in Utah had very rights when it came to child custody. The biological mother typically awarded custody almost by default. But times have changed. Modern technology has allowed more men to establish paternity. In addition, having a skilled Provo paternity attorney on your side can also help. Once someone has established themselves as the biological father, they have just as much legal right to the


It is the most valuable investment you will ever make. For many couples, purchasing a home is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Unfortunately, not all relationships are built to last. When a marriage comes to an end, often one of the most complex issues is which party gets the keep the family home. Ask any Salt Lake City divorce attorney and each one can tell you endless stories about the complex nature of Utah family law. But there are some basics on how the court determines the allocation of assets and property. The Importance of Owning Property When it comes divorce, there are no winners. But there is plenty to lose. If you are going through a divorce, it is highly important to fight for your home. As your biggest asset, owning or selling a house after a divorce can bring a lifetime of changes. First, it is vital to provide the court with sound reasons why it is in your best interest to maintain rights to the property. Among the most important is for the best interest of the children. Providing a stable home environment is crucial for their development and happiness. Being forced to move can often

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