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Common Reasons for Modern Divorce12/15/2017

There are many reasons people get divorced these days. From infidelity to lack of communication to simply growing apart, it is common seeing couples having heated arguments though marriage. This hostile atmosphere and the lack of several other things in the relationship is causing many modern marriages to fail. But let’s take a closer look at some of the common reasons of failed relationships in our modern world. Lack of communication While most couples have different personalities, it doesn’t mean every little thing should be a reason to argue. Sometimes couples don’t take time to know each other before getting married and they create wrong expectations from their relationship. It takes time to talk about things that are important to you but it will definitely save your marriage. Lack of communication during the marriage can create other issues later on in life, especially if you have children and significant assets to divide when divorce comes upon you. Money issues Financial disagreements are very common in relationships and they will increase during the divorce process. It doesn’t matter if you have much or little, some people are financially incompatible. Some people are savers and others spenders, putting those two together can


How to Establish Boundaries With Your Former Spouse12/14/2017

Communicating and dealing with your former spouse is part of the divorce package. But it is important you establish clear and strict boundaries with your ex-spouse very early on during the divorce process. Relationship experts agree these boundaries are crucial, especially if you have children. Set clear boundaries One of the biggest problems with relationships is that one person is generally involved and the other one doesn’t care. In other words, you can’t control how someone acts after getting divorced. But making the wrong decisions can impact the whole family. So make sure you set clear boundaries with your ex and keep everyone safe. There are two types of boundaries, internal and external. External boundaries are there to make sure your former spouse doesn’t take advantage of you and internal boundaries help you stop doing too much for your former spouse. Just remember that no matter how bad is your relationship with your ex, he or she should be involved in your children’s lives. So set good boundaries but don’t overdo it. Ways to set these boundaries There are some things you can do to establish clear boundaries with your former spouse: Good communication – This is essential during divorce.


Why communication is so important during divorce12/8/2017

No relationship starts out with divorce in mind but unfortunately over half of them end up on divorce court. Whether you had a great marriage or went to the top ten honeymoon destinations, you will have a hard time during divorce if you don’t have good communication skills. With so many negative emotions rising to the surface, anger, stress, and resentment, many divorcees struggle to communicate effectively when untying the knot. Poor communication can cause added tension in your divorce proceedings and further complicate the whole process. For a more amicable divorce, contact Salt Lake City divorce attorney Emy A. Cordano. Hiring an attorney can be beneficial for the whole family. It is important you set aside some time to speak to your soon-to-be former spouse. It may not be enjoyable at first but it will make the whole divorce process less contentious. You can also go to a therapist and figure out a way to keep your divorce with minimum conflict. This is not the time to argue about trivial things but rather agree and make the whole process as cooperative as possible. Useful tips Poor communication doesn’t benefit anyone. You can use the tips below and prevent this


Being a father matters 12/7/2017

Seeking to formally establish paternity can mean the world to your children, even if you are not the biological father. The legal father bears parenting responsibilities, including the child’s education, health, and financial stability. It is all part of the parenting package. Being a father matters to your children and it can also be beneficial to you. If you would like to protect your parental rights and make a difference in your child’s life, contact Salt Lake City paternity attorney Emy A. Cordano. Securing your legal rights Establishing paternity can protect your rights as a father. You will be part of future parenting agreements, including child custody and child support and have access to your child’s medical records. You can also travel with your children and change their last name. Also, the other parent can’t take the child away from you without your consent. Other benefits If you are a mother seeking to establish paternity, you can also reap some benefits such as being able to enforce child support. Your children can also receive important benefits from the father such as social security, inheritance, and medical coverage. But above all, it will benefit them emotionally as they will be able

Mothers may not always win custody12/1/2017

Most people assume that courts generally favor awarding women custody rights but that’s not necessarily true. Mothers not always win custody cases since they may not be in the best position to provide a stable environment for the children. The parent able to provide a safe atmosphere to raise the children is usually awarded custody. The custodial parent must be both physically and financially stable. In other words, the child’s basic needs such as food, clothes, healthcare, and shelter should be met otherwise his or her parenting abilities will be questioned and the judge will not grant custody. While many judges lean towards awarding a mother custody, you can still hire a Salt Lake City child custody attorney and challenge these decisions. You can win joint custody unless your case involves physical abuse. If your former spouse was abusive, you will win the custody battle and become the custodial parent. Don’t assume the mother will win custody If you are a father fighting for your custody rights, don’t assume your former spouse will be awarded custody. While it is true women are generally awarded custody more than men, things have changed quite a bit since women entered the workforce. Many


The percentage of children living with grandparents increases every year. Unfortunately, in most of these cases, grandparents don’t have legal guardianship. This can be a problematic situation leading to several legal complications, which can be solved with the help of an experienced Salt Lake City guardianship attorney. Why should you make it legal? Having a formal relationship with your grandchildren can be rewarding. If you don’t have legal custody or guardianship, the children can be taken away from you at any time. In some cases, parents are able to cut off contact between the children and grandparents. Having legal custody does not guarantee your grandchildren will stay with you forever but you will reap many legal services and benefits. When are the children left in their grandparent’s care? This generally happens when the parents have problems such as substance abuse. There are also parents having physical, emotional, and financial problems who may leave the children with grandparents. Courts grand custody base on the child’s best interests. It is possible for grandparents to be awarded sole custody as long as they can prove the parents are unfit for custody. Why some parents cut off grandparents? Some parents may wish to keep

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