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Many couples don’t communicate or work on their problems as they should Contact Salt Lake City divorce attorney if they think your marriage has come to end.

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Common causes of infidelity6/23/2017

Although there are many reasons why two people will decide to end their marriage, one of the most common ones is infidelity. There are many divorce cases of people meeting online but they never spend enough time with each other before tightening the knot. Many couples don’t communicate or work on their problems as they should. It’s easier falling in the arms of another person than dealing with issues at home. Contact a Salt Lake City divorce attorney if you think your marriage has come to an end. Online romance The internet has become the ideal place for infidelity. It’s easy since romance is just a click away. People can meet online and they will not be asked any questions. But the problem is that as you start bonding with your online lover, your spouse will become less important. Although the internet is a great way to meet people, research has proven that online dating kills commitment and encourages cheating as people tend to date several people at the same time. The process on this dating sites seems simple and desirable but may bring complications along the way. Avoiding problems This is a killer. If you run away from problems


When stepparents come in the picture6/22/2017

Marriages involving children from previous marriages can be challenging. Although stepparents don’t have a legal responsibility for their stepchildren, they often spend the most time with them. Couples with young children particularly will struggle at first to bond with stepchildren. But what happens when your ex remarries after a divorce? Will the new mom or dad have any rights to your children? Will they have to provide child support too? These are issues you should discuss with a Salt Lake City family law attorney. Child support When a parent decides to remarry, the new spouse’s income is not considered when calculating child support. Although it may come as second nature, stepparents are not obligated to provide for stepchildren. Just keep in mind, the ex-spouse can still petition to modify the amount of child support. The judge may consider other factors, besides the income, to modify child support payments. For instance, perhaps you have debts your new spouse is willing to pay and these debts were the cause of a lower child support in the past. This can be the basis of your ex-spouse’s requesting in court that your payments will increase. Child custody Non-custodial parents will continue with the same


Diamonds May Be Forever, But A Lot of Marriages Are Not6/16/2017

Getting married is a big step in someone’s life. You are making a pledge to another person to be with them forever; through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs and everything in between. Unfortunately, many marriages today end not in death, but in divorce. There are many reasons why two people may decide to separate. But doing so requires you get the right legal representation. Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law has been representing divorce clients in Salt Lake City for years. She is one of the most professional divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City. If your marriage is falling apart and you need an experienced divorce attorney to represent you, call Salt Lake City divorce attorney Emy A. Cordano, Attorney at Law for help. Her years of legal practice will prove to be most valuable in your situation. As one of Salt Lake City’s most professional divorce attorneys, she is well equipped to be your corner person during this often emotional time. Letting go is never easy, so finding a professional divorce attorney in Salt Lake City who is also compassionate is key to your success. Common Reasons People Seek a Divorce Rushing into Marriage


Children Pay Physical Price of a Bitter Divorce 6/9/2017

When it comes to divorce in Salt Lake City, there are no winners. But there is plenty to lose. Unfortunately, the biggest losers are often the children. A bitter divorce not only can tear a family apart, it can also leave deep emotional scars that can last a lifetime. Research from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh indicates an it can also bring even physical effects, including higher risks of poor health and chronic illness. The research also further illustrates the huge role family stress places on everyone in the household. Not All Divorces Are Equal There are several different child custody and visitation arrangements throughout Utah. Although all divorced couples split up, many of them remain in contact with each other. But when a couple goes their separate ways without any further contact, it can bring surprisingly adverse effects to their children. The Carnegie Mellon study indicates stress has a huge effect on the body’s immune system. More than 200 healthy adults were exposed to a common cold virus to conduct the study. Those who had parents that lived apart with minimal communication were more than three times more likely to come down with the cold their counterparts whose parents

Temporary child custody explained6/3/2017

As you turn the page of divorce, you will encounter a variety of issues arising to the surface that may interfere with your child custody arrangements. This is why courts sometimes award a temporary physical custody of a child to one parent until things are clear. It all starts with one of the parents filing a petition. A Salt Lake City child custody Lawyer can prove helpful during these troublesome times.   Best interest of the child It’s all about the children. We want what’s best for them.  However, there are a number of factors that will be considered in order to determine what will contribute to the child’s healthy development.  The petition will explain the parent’s relationship with the child and the reasons why he or she believes child custody should be awarded to him or her. Some of the most important factors are the child’s continuity of school activities and family involvement.  Courts will not remove the child from a stable home except the current circumstances are affecting the child’s health and security.  Sometimes a child has a more emotional connection with one of the parents. This factor will also be considered. From temporary to permanent While temporary child


Following a separation, you may need to reconnect with your children. Divorce can be a very stressful process where parents don’t spend as much time with their children as they wish. Even for families showing support, the bonding process should continue. It’s important children learn to reconnect with both parents and adapt to the new parenting plan in their lives. It may not be always easy to talk to children about divorce issues. Whatever you do, make sure you keep bonding and resolve any differences you may have with your child. After all, this is a lifelong relationship that requires nurturing. Contact a Salt Lake City divorce attorney to navigate you through all the complicated issues surrounding divorce. Broken relationships The relationship children have with their parents is very important to them. That bond helps them grow into healthy adults and interact with the world around them. Divorce can break your relationship with your child if you are not careful. Parents tend to be stressed out and emotionally wounded during a divorce with very little time or strength left for their children. Divorcees already deal with enough pain during a separation. This will cause the children to become hostile towards

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